An Illuminating Thought

Shopping for lighting for your new home doesn’t have to be scary.  It can be an exciting adventure with lots of funky styles and textures to choose from. 

Interior lighting is a central aspect of home design.  You can manipulate your home’s atmosphere just by how you position the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use.

What works in one room may not work in another.   Lighting is becoming more and more decorative, even to the point that some fixtures are almost looked on as art.

Words you may have become familiar with would be retro, industrial, vintage, art deco and LEDs.

2019 has seen bigger, bolder, more sculptural lamps and pendants take center stage as major points of interest.

So, what’s trending at the moment?

Industrial has been on trend for the last few years and this year sees a more refined use of Edison bulbs, wire cages and dark bronze finishes that define the industrial look.  These pieces can help take a bland room and elevate it.

Modern vintage and Geometric styles – these have definitely made an impact on whether they are hanging over a stairwell or used as a table lamp.   Picture 1930’s Tiffany’s styled stained glass to the colorful rounded look of the 60’s.  These lights will add a touch of personality to any room bringing a real blast from the past retro feel.

Simple Naturalness – 2019 also brings an earthy integration to modern styles incorporating sustainable and natural products.  Upcoming trends are modern organic, boho-chic, wicker and woven grass styles highlighting the texture.

Shades and fittings vary in size, but bigger is better.  We’re talking oversized pendants which are cool and very much in the design zeitgeist at the moment.

And don’t forget LED’S.  More homes are now being designed to incorporate LED lighting and technology has made this lighting more cost-effective.  To create a soothing ambiance in a room try them under a counter, behind a mirror or up-lighting a wall.

Trends are inspiring and act as a guide only.  Trust your instincts and enjoy what you have chosen. And for those times when it all just seems too much, then enjoy the complimentary design service Home Trends offers with each of its new homes.


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